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‚ÄčNJ Weights and Measures Association, Inc.


The New Jersey Weights and Measures Association is comprised of members from 21 Counties, several municipalities, the State Office of Weights and Measures and members of industry.  All members have a vested interest in ensuring equity in the market place.

For an initial application, membership in the Association is classified by the following:

ACTIVE MEMBERS shall include all persons actively engaged in the work of enforcement of the Weights and Measures laws, provided that person is officially employed by a State, County or Municipal Department of Weights and Measures of the State and has received Civil Service certification as a permanent employee for his official position.  In the case of counties or municipalities not under Civil Service rule, such a person shall have received tenure of office in the position following his appointment by the governing body.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS of the Association shall include any person who is connected with industry or government that deals with the production or use or inspection of weighing or measurement devices, or commodities in any form.  Al associate members shall be elected to membership by a majority vote of the members present at any meeting of the organization.  These members are subject to the payment of dues but are not eligible to vote or hold office in the Association.