Greg Vellekamp (Sussex County)

Anthony DelMonte (Bergen County)

Treasurer Jerry Lukowiak (East-Orange)

2nd Vice President Katrina Eberly (Burlington County)

Dave Dombey (Retired Somerset County)

Recording Secretary Steve Donnelly (Morris County)

The New Jersey Weights and Measures Association, Inc was formed in 1911.  Since it's inception, it has been the purpose of this organization to promote the general welfare of its members, to create uniformity and harmony in their efforts at all times and to disseminate useful information conductive to the best interest of the consuming public and all dealers, distributors and manufacturers.

​Ernie Salerno (Passaic County)


1st Vice President Lilian Caparruva (Elizabeth)

Sergeant At Arms Roger Heck (Morris County)


Financial Secretary Tony Neri (Retired State)

Veatrece Newton (State W&M )

President: Dennis Moore (Passaic County)